Free web-based feed reader and aggregator

What is ZebraFeeds?

ZebraFeeds is a free web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator and feed reader.
ZebraFeeds can be integrated on your web site or your blog with minimal efforts and high level of customization.
You can also use ZebraFeeds as personal web-based feed reader, with reasonably convenient user interface.


  • Supports ATOM/RSS/RDF feeds (through SimplePie and the old star MagpieRSS)
  • Output customizable by templates
  • Administration interface (with cookie or server-based authentication)
  • Share and republish feeds by RSS and Javascript
  • Support for podcasting and videocasting (RSS enclosures)
  • Supports refreshing feeds by scheduled task (cronjob)
  • News sortable by channel or by date (with news selection options, based on date or keywords)
  • Uses only flat-text-files, and works without SQL database
And also
  • Optional AJAX-based dynamic browsing
  • Internationalization support : multiple character encodings for output, configurable formatting of date/time data
  • Installer script
  • Manage several subscription lists
  • Supports importing OPML subscriptions from other aggregators. 
  • Stores feed configuration in OPML file for easy exporting to other aggregators
  • User functions to finetune page integration
  • See the Documentation for more details


PHP 5 with libexpat, mb_strings and curl outbound connections to other sites MUST be allowed.


Download latest version: Release 1.3

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See also the changelog.

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